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Conny Wladkowski

Melbourn (Australia)

  • Hypnotherapist
  • TimeLine Reset Master Practitioner
  • Family Freedom Protocol
  • Master Anxiety Relief Specialist

Conny is a passionate hypnotherapist, family freedom protocol master and self healing coach that is excited to share her tools and experiences!

Connys path of finding alternative healing methods started at the age of 16 when her mom was diagnosed with MS and she was looking for a way of healing her mom. She first got introduced to reiki and crystal healing and was excited to experience the benefits of energy work.

After experiencing some serious health issues herself at the age of 25 she knew she had to make major changes in order to live a happy and healthy life! She met a chinese healer who not only helped her overcome her health issues but who also taught her gua sha treatment and the use of chinese herbs. Physical her body was strong and healthy but emotionally she struggled to recover from her health issues. She was living with severe panic attacks for a number of years and was struggling to cope with life.

In 2017 she got introduced to timeline reset and Hypnosis and managed to completely get rid of her panic attacks and started living again. This was such a profound experience for her that she decided to learn hypnotherapy. Feeling so free after having lived in so much fear and panic for such a long time has led to her passion to help other people!

She specialises in anxiety, stress and overwhelm relief and has been trained by the most successful hypnotherapist from the U.S and Australia.

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Conny Wladkowski

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