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Roy Cantrell


  • Board Certified Hypnotist; Certified Master Hypnotist
  • Certified Instructor; Certified Master Trainer
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Master NLP
  • Certified Trainer Dave Elman Institute
  • Certified Trainer Sheila Granger Brand
  • Certified Master Trainer Melissa Roth Brand
  • Published Author
  • Publisher
  • Conference Speaker at multiple National and International Conferences.
  • Specializing in Clinical Hypnosis with over 60 years of practice serving the general public : Physician’s; Dentist’s; Hospital’s; Law Enforcement Agencies; Corporations; with over 60 Certification’s of Training in speciality courses.
  • Low Country Hypnosis Training Institute as President and Chief Instructor.
  • Certified ABH Training School.
  • English

Roy Cantrell

1253 Dickson Ave., Suite 104,

Charleston, SC 29410

United States of America

📞  (844) 749-7667

📧 lowcountryhypnosis@gmail.com

🌐 www.lowcountryhypnosis.com